Data We Collect

Tallman Ltd does not collect any personally identifiable information. All of the data that we collect is anonymous and relates to a computer or browser session. We may from time to time deliver third-party trackers that also access third-party cookies. Tallman Ltd cannot be held responsible for these third-party cookies.

Data we collect includes:

Browser type and operating system
IP Address (this is only used for geographic targeting and reporting purposes)
If and when clicks on our ad units have occurred
Dwell time – how long an advert has been displayed
Which advert was displayed


Tallman Ltd uses cookies to apply frequency capping rules on adverts. This is to prevent users from seeing the same advert multiple times.

The data used to perform this task includes:

Anonymous and randomly generated SessionID
Anonymous and randomly generated UserID (This is to continue applying capping rules after the browser has been closed and re-opened)
A collection of fields that contain advert/creative and ‘total view’ value pairs. (This data is only used for capping and is not stored on our servers)