Tallman provides a robust header bidding solution for premium publishers.

Take advantage of header bidding with minimal hassle:

‣ Quick and robust bidding
‣ Real time revenue reports
‣ Multiple demand partners
‣ Plug in your own demand
‣ Currency conversion

Speed & Performance
We have developed acceleration techniques to deliver bids faster, whilst minimizing overall page request count, the number one cause of increased latency on publisher sites.

Multiple Demand Partners
Once approved, you will have instant access to mulitple exchange bidding partners to boost your overall RPMS. Every demand partner is evaluated for speed and performance.

Plug in your own demand
We have multiple demand partners ready to deliver ads on your site, however if you have direct deals with exchanges we can add them into our header bidding solution.

Currency Protection
Is your DFP account not set to US Dollar currency?
No problem. Instead of manually setting the header bidding currency exchange rate, we use a real-time FOREX service to get live exchange rates ensuring that your bids are competing in a single unified, accurate, and fair currency.

Contact us for more info or to sign up as a publisher.